for service based businesses

Archie (a.k.a. my Dad) worked for the same service based company for 41 years. During that time, he developed a system for managing the incoming and active work that has become the basis for Archiefile.
As a mid-size company performing work for various customers, the system developed can serve as a template for any small to mid-size business, particularly those that work on location.
When your company receives a call for work, you need to know:
  • The contact info and location for the job
  • The type of work to be performed, and all of the details of the job
  • The time frame (when will the job start, and when does it need to be completed)
  • The agreed upon fee
Archie served in positions throughout the company, gaining a hands-on view of the work process from start to finish.
Like most sons, I wanted to understand what it was that my father did at work. I studied computer programming and interface design in college, and realized that my Dad's system (which was spreadsheet based) could be newly developed into a web application, clarifying and refining it along the way, and making it available to others as well!
Tom Archibold
Thomas Archibold Jr. is a web developer with over a decade of experience. His development site is He currently develops a number of web applications including IncogniTools, a music oriented application.